Introducing RightFirst

RightFirst is a website quality checking service - which may, at first, sound complicated, but the concept is quite simple. Essentially, RightFirst checks your website's structure, design and performance to ensure that it's the best it can be. Think of the basic process of creating a website: discuss, design, develop, deploy. At its core, RightFirst is an extra step that checks the quality of your website before it is published - which means that there'll be no spelling/grammatical errors, elements flowing off the page or slow loading times. It's essentially a proof-reader for your entire website!

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My Dad and I came up with the idea of RightFirst when I started checking his company's website for mistakes a few years ago. In my humble opinion, I have an eye for detail - so I've decided to put this to good use with RightFirst. At the moment, most of it will be primarily manual work due to the current limitations of Artificial Intelligence, however, in the future, I'd like to make most of the testing automated. But for now, more than one person will be checking your site to ensure that we've listed all of the issues.

What RightFirst does

When RightFirst checks your website, we'll compile a report on all of the things that you might need to make changes to on your website. The report will consist of:

  • Structure: well-structured websites provide a more polished feel and a better representation of your brand. We'll check your website on a variety of different devices and analyse its responsiveness.
  • Design: using consistent and modern design practices ensure that your website always looks professional. We'll check the consistency of the typeface, colours, spacing and structural elements.
  • Performance: a speedier and more responsive website will provide a better experience for your customers. We'll check that your website is using the most efficient frameworks and software.

After this report has been compiled, we'll send it to you through your RightFirst Dashboard. You can also use the Dashboard to choose how often we should check your website, in addition to contacting us directly.

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What's the point of it?

RightFirst has two main goals: boosting your ranking on search engines and making your business' website the best in your field. By checking your website thoroughly (or more so than a designer or developer), you can attract more customers through the internet and create the best impressions on visitors.

If you'd like to learn more about what RightFirst has to offer, you can check out the RightFirst website (currently not much there). Be sure to follow us on social media for more updates!


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